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At Education Technology Associates, our mission is to transform student engagement in higher education, resulting in measurable improvements to student retention and institutional results.


Drive attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion


Maintain student focus and engagement throughout the duration of your programs


Yield the benefits of improved educational outcomes and preserved institutional revenue

Connected Campus is unique among engagement and retention solutions. We put the student experience first with an unequaled combination of features that help the student go beyond existing methods of academic participation and remain focused on building a better future.

Integrated Advising Services

  • Guide students to stay focused on timely completion of academic assignments
  • Identify disengaged students through analytics, leading to successful interventions

Private Online Community

  • Engender loyalty with a unique and immersive 'sense of place'
  • Build meaningful social connections by presenting the “halls & walkways” of the institution
  • Expand the power of peer mentoring through community associations

Personalized Student Resources

  • Boost student self confidence through resource coaching and guidance
  • Present students with staff and faculty connections, removing any doubt on where to go for help

At EdTech Associates, we are paying attention to some of the leading voices in higher education today. These voices and their research help shape our product and influence our development road map.

For a sampling, we invite you to explore along with us how these thought leaders are bringing new insights into the higher education landscape.

The evolution of planning and advising in higher education

A focused approach of increasing the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees

Research and practical experimentation at colleges and universities... to increase graduation rates while maintaining or reducing costs


Connected Campus is amazing. I honestly wish I could download it right now. It would make my life so much easier!

Christen, Class of 2017

I can see how Connected Campus works just by looking at it. I still don't understand my school's LMS.

Haley, Class of 2019

Student engagement is the most critical component in causing the student to stay in school.

Dr. Debra Harrison, VP of Student Advancement and Success, Salem International University

From a student perspective, I think Connected Campus is perfect.

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